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Company name Nagano Industry Co., Ltd.
Establishment December, 2011
Paid in Capital JPY 50 million
Representative Director Takeshi Yoshida
Head office / Main factory 3297-2 Yawata, Chikuma-shi, Nagano 387-8561 Japan
Type of Business Production and distribution of construction equipment and radio control systems; Electronic manufacturing services
Number of employees 158 (as of June 2018)

Contact Us

  • Sales 
    T   +81-026-273-1993
    F   +81-026-273-1423
  • Service
    T   +81-026-273-1771
    F   +81-026-273-1899
  • Parts
    T   +81-026-273-1337
    F   +81-026-273-1899

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