Rated value

Rated output / revolution

17.5kW / 2,400min *1

Max. Platform Height


Load capacity


Machine Weight


Product features

  • Fire-resistant Hoses & Harnesses
  • Excellent Fine Control for Precision Maneuverability
  • Energy Saving Engine and Resource Saving Hydraulic System
  • Powerful yet Reduced Sized Engine
  • Pursuit and Realization of “Security & Relief” on Various Parts
  • Servicing made Easy with Excellent Access to Filters

Working range



■Working Range
A Max Platform Radius mm 12,020
B Min Platform Radius mm 735
C Max Horizontal Movement
    Length (Height)
mm 9,405(6,770)
D Max Platform Height mm 13,015
E Min Platform Height mm 1,875
F Max Vertical Rising Height mm 12,400
G Platform Swing Angle
° 90/45
■Machine Size
H Total Length mm 7,235
I Total Width mm 2,250
J Total Height mm 2,150
K Crawler Total Length mm 3,120
L Tumbler Centre Distance mm 2,590
M Min Ground Clearance mm 330
N Crawler Shoe Width mm 400
O Min Rotating Radius mm 1,495
P Rear End Slewing Radius mm 1,950
Q Machine Width
    Max Slewing Margin
mm 825
R Swivel Base Bottom
mm 670
S Platform Interior Width mm 1,130
T Platform Interior Length mm 730
U Platform Interior Height mm 1,020


■Basic Specification
Max Load Capacity kg 250
Platform Size (W×L×H) mm 1,130×730×1,020
Platform Max Height mm 13,015
Machine Weight (w/Pad) kg 8,150(8,390)
■Size on Transportation
Total Length mm 7,235
Total Width mm 2,250
Total Height mm 2,150
Model   D1305
Category   Water Cooling 4 Cycle Diesel
Rated Output kW/min-1(PS/rpm) 17.5/2,400(23.8/2,400)
Slewing Speed sec/360° 55
Travel Speed (Low・High1・High2) mm 1.2/1.5/2.5
Rear End Slewing Radius km/h 1,950
Max/Avg Ground Pressure kPa(kgf/cm2) 100/39(1.02/0.40)
Max/Avg Ground Pressure (w/Pad) kPa(kgf/cm2) 103/40(1.05/0.41)
Gradability Angle %(°) 36(20)
Hydraulic Oil Tank 50
Fuel Tank 100
■Working Hours
Boom (Up/Down) sec 36/40
Extension (Expand/Contract) sec 26.5/26
Platform Swing (Left/Right) sec 15/15
●Emergency Stop  ●Foot Switch ●Holding Valve
●Operating Lever  ●Emergency Pump
●Engine-Start Malfunction Prevention
●Warming Device ●Horn ●Turntable Lock Pin ●Safety Belt Hook
●Travel Regulating Device & Travel Mode Switch



Safety & Economy

Fire Resistant Coating

  • Hoses & Harnesses with Heat Protection

Easy Clean

  • Debris and other Dropped Items can be Removed Easily

Easy Access

  • Servicing made Easy with Excellent Access to Filters

Maintenance Cover

NAGANO's MCVLoading Mode

Travel Stop Controller

Oscillating Roller

  • Capable of stable travel by absorbing vibration in passing over rough terrain or steps.

Manual storage box

  • The box mounted on the platform as a standard feature.

Touch Rope Switch

  • Pull of Push the rope to cause an emergency stop of all operations.

Rubber Pad Shoe (Optional)

  • Minimizing scars and marks on the floor.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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