Rated value

Rated output / revolution

7.8kW / 2,400min *1

Breakout force


Machine Weight


Working range


  • Machine weight
Roll bar Rubber Kg 980
Canopy Rubber 990
  • Standard bucket
Capacity 0.022
Width mm 330
  • Engine
Model   KUBOTA Z602
Displacement cc 599
Rated output/revolution kW/min-1 7.8/2,400
  • Working range
Max. digging depth mm 1,600
Max. vertical digging depth 1,395
Max. digging height 2,755
Max. dumping height 1,925
Max. digging radius 3,080
Min. turning radius front 1,190
swing 960
Rear slew radius 980
Boom swing angle deg. L85°/R45°
  • Dimensions
Overall length mm 3,035
Overall width 770(to)950
Overall height 2,265
Dozer blade (width×height) 750(or)950×185
  • Performance
Travel speed km/h 1.8/3.5
Slew speed min-1 8.1
Gradeability deg. 30°
Breakout force (Bucket) kN 8.3
Breakout force (Arm) 5.8
  • Undercarriage
Ground pressure Roll bar Rubber kPa 29.3
Canopy Rubber 29.3
Shoe width×tumbler center mm 180×970
Type of travel motor   Piston
Crawler tension system   Grease cylinder
  • Hydraulic System
Type of hydraulic pump   Piston×2, Gear×1
Main pump oil flow qty. ℓ/min 10.8/10.8/7.2
P.T.O. oil flow qty. 21.6
Main relief pressure MPa 16.2/16.2/3.0
  • Others
Hydraulic oil 10.5
Engine oil 2.5
Fuel 12.2
Cooling water 5.0
Noise level Lwa/Lpa dB 93/83


Available options


Retractable lap belt

Pattern change valve (ISO↔J.D.)

Auxiliary piping, Stop valve


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