英語-NUZ09uj寸法図-ENRated value

Rated output / revolution

17.5kw / 2,400min *1

Max. Platform Height


Load Capacity


Machine Weight (w/pads)

9400kg (9640kg)

Product features

  • Fire-resistant Hoses & Harnesses
  • Energy Efficient Engine
  • Resource-Saving Hydraulic System
  • Transpotable with 10t truck
  • Easy Clean and Maintenance Design
  • Stable Traveling 
  • Wide Platform of Max Load 600kg

Working range



■Working Range
A Max Platform Radius mm 5,980
B Max Horizontal Movement
    Length (Height)
mm 3,100(7,000)
C Max Platform Height mm 9,380
D Max Vertical Lifting Height mm 7,180
E Min Platform Height mm 1,640
F  Platform Swing Angle
° 135/135
■Machine Size
G Total Length mm 5,045
H Total Width mm 2,250
I Total Height mm 3,340
J Crawler Total Length mm 3,120
K Tumbler Centre Distance mm 2,590
L Minimum Ground Clearance mm 330
M Crawler Shoe Width mm 400
N Rear End Slewing Radius mm 1,950
O Machine Width
    Max Slewing Margin
mm 825
P Swivel Base Bottom
mm 670
Q Platform Interior Width mm 2,050
R Platform Interior Length mm 3,150
S Platform Interior Heigh mm 1,100
T Total length(Lashing & Boading state) mm 7,610
U Total Height(Lashing & Boading state) mm 2,700

Working Range and Machine Size


■Basic Specification
Max Load Capacity kg 600
Platform Size (W×L×H) mm 3,150×2,050×1,000
Platform Max Height mm 9,380
Machine Weight (w/Pad) kg 9,400 (9,640)
■Size on Transportation
Total Length mm 7,610
Total Width mm 2,250
Total Height mm 2,700
Model   D1305
Category   Water Cooling 4 Cycle Diesel
Rated Output kW/min-1(PS/rpm) 17.5/2,400(23.8/2,400)
Slewing Speed sec/360° 90
Travel Speed (Low・High1・High2) km/h 1.0/1.5/2.5
Max/Avg Ground Pressure kPa(kgf/cm2) 160/47(1.63/0.48)
Max/Avg Ground Pressure (w/Pad) kPa(kgf/cm2) 163/48(1.67/0.49)
Gradability Angle %(°) 36(20)
Hydraulic Oil Tank 57
Fuel Tank 100
■Safety System
●Emergency Stop Device ●Deadman Device ●Operation Lever preceding input prevention ●Engine-Start Malfunction Prevention
●Safety Belt Hook ●Horn ●Turntable Lock Pin ●Emergency Pump
●Travel Regulating Device & Travel Mode Switch ●Warming Device ●Holding Valve
●Overload Sensing System ●Battery Isolatior Switch ●Transport/Loading control



Safety & Economy

Fire Resistant Coating

Hoses & Harnesses with Heat Protection.

Easy Clean

Debris and other Dropped Items can be removed easily.

Easy Access

Servicing made Easy with open access to filters.

Maintenance Cover

Loading Mode

Travel Stop Controller

Oscillating Roller

Absorbing vibration in passing over rough terrain or steps.

Manual storage box

The box mounted on the platform as a standard feature.

Rubber Pad Shoe (Optional)

Minimizing scars and marks on the floor.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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